I’m going to start out by stating the difference between sousveillance and surveillance. Sousveillance is the french word for personal surveillance or recording of events by participants while surveillance is mounted cameras and external “watching” of events. For example a few people could be playing around in the park while one of them is filming this is sousveillance and the opposite would be same people but there is a mounted camera on one of the buildings near the group in question. Now that that’s out of the way, how do you think that would factor in to what the rest of the world knows about you and the ability they have to find out things about you.

   Already on facebook every time someone is tagged in a picture all their friends get a notification saying they were at that party or they were in this state at that time, now what more sousveillance will bring is making everyone the recorder as well as the recorded. An example of sousveillance that is popular today is the smartphone which can take videos in seconds and can be very inconspicuous. This allows people to take video of others without them knowing unless they are really paying attention. But the future hold even more inconspicuous means such as the augmented reality Google glass, allowing everything a person sees to be video recorded. Is that scary or is that cool. For a majority i would say that scares them, we still live in a world with a high illusion of privacy, much of which i have already talked about (laptop cameras and forum chat), but to me i feel like this is a good thing. 

   No more would people go off with strangers they don’t know because they are persuasive, being able to look up their facebook and other records can tell if a persons been to jail or such. This, i believe would lower crime tremendously because if everyone had it then everything would be on tape to prove that someone committed an illegal act, in turn deterring people right at the beginning. Not to mention that your cell phone and the upcoming augmented realities would have gps in them showing where everyone is at a certain time, this would be perfect for if the government was trying to find someone or proving that someone was where they shouldn’t be. I for one am extremely psyched to cast away the frustrating cell phones and computers we now use for somthing that would help in so many more ways, combine all the devices into one and make it a heads up display. Playing videogames and being a big armored suit fan (iron man, star wars, halo, metroid, etc) this is really a dream come true, the cons are already things that have happened and are gone so there is really no reason not to embrace the minority report style or sousveillance age if you will.


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